Coronavirus & Danger of 5G as its cause (insider report). N-CoV Tests & Vaccine Conspiracy, SCAM & Truth. Live Map Updates, Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing + More Self-Help to Learn right away.

What's Inside:

How much of a risk is the coronavirus?

Where in the world is most affected by Coronavirus?

Where did this virus come from?

How does the virus spread?

What are the symptoms?

Preventative Measures.

Treatment and Outcomes.

In Extra Report (cover below):

Learn How to Boost Your Immunity Against the Coronavirus

Including Nutrition, Lifestyle, Travelling & more...

Extra 43 page Report: How to Bolster Your Immune System - Skip Feeling Sick Using Simple Strategy...

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Plus adding more information inside related to Coronavirus SCAM & Danger of 5G, COVID-19 Conspiracy and truth behind it as a case of body cells self-poisoning by producing viral kind of infection due to exposure to high-frequency radiation produced by cell towers.

Boost Immunity Against Coronavirus + Aromatherapy Bonuses

“Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
~ Saint Francis of Assisi

Here's What You Need To Know To Stay Safe!
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Coronavirus is the latest viral outbreak all over the news. This is a serious infection that has already taken over 38,000+ lives (March 31), and that is rapidly spreading across the world. [See current updates] [Forecasts by Country]

This may help: Latest useful info on protection from infection related to current pandemic of artificially developed low risk coronavirus hybrid and/or high risk bacteria Synthia made in 2010 to consume oil (Deepwater Horizon explosion case) which consist of hydrocarbons. Cynthia, when finished with oil, switched to fish and other marine life. Our bodies are no exception. Why? Because those who created it did not expect (or expected?) this, forgetting about the fact that Carbon is the basis of life on Earth.

What to do? - 1. Learn more about this bacteria (Mycoplasma laboratorium) 2. Avoid eating sea fish and other marine life. 3. Use Hydrogen Peroxide (2-3 drops per liter and leave it for 1-2 hours) as an affordable way to disinfect any water used. 4. Use Baking Soda (sodium carbonate pharma quality) to drink a weak solution by dissolving half a teaspoon in a glass if you experience breathing problems as signs of a coronovirus infection or simply as a preventative measure, especially if you ate seafood lately.

Weak soda solution has been successfully used to treat seriously ill patients (coronovirus and / or infected with Cynthia) in China on the recommendation of a Russian biologist, suggesting that it is possible in severe cases this is a double attack of both the virus and the bacteria.

It is highly possible (information from Italy) that all current deaths from the time of the so-called epidemic are now recorded as result of coronavirus infection, which creates a chain reaction of hysteria pumped by the media.

Share This Simple Recipe: Mix Lemon + Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) in a glass of hot water and drink like tea overnight. The action of lemon in a hot solution with baking soda immediately kills the virus, completely removes it from the body. These two components alkalize the body by stimulating your immune system, as with nightfall the system becomes acidic and the defenses are reduced.

It is only right that we be on high alert, and that government agencies are labelling this as a significant emergency of global concern. Many governments evacuated their citizens from the most at-risk areas of the world, while trade bans and travel restrictions are also being put into place.

Now we are even locked in our cities and houses restricted from freedom to move around. But while all this is very frightening for the average citizen, it is also important to keep a level head and to put things into perspective. The actual statistical danger to each of us remains low, and widespread misinformation and panic is doing nothing to help the problem.

As ever, knowledge is our best enemy against this threat.

That’s why it’s important to educate yourself about the reality of this disease and what you can do to fight it. 

In this ebook, you will learn everything you need to know about the coronavirus, in order to keep yourself both safe – and sane.

That includes:

  • How much of a risk is the coronavirus?
  • Where in the world is most affected by coronavirus?
  • Where did this virus come from?
  • How does the virus spread?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • Is it safe to travel?
  • Should you still visit China?

You’ll learn everything there is to know about the disease, so that you can better understand the nature of the risk and what you need to do about it.

Are We In Danger? Why You Need This Book:

Right now, the media is in mass panic. Social media is ablaze with posts that propagate fear and misinformation. And the amount of fake news is at an all time high.

People love scandal and bad news travels fast. But all this achieves is that we run around like headless chickens.

The truth is that your chances of contracting this disease are small. By reading this book, you’ll learn why that is, and you’ll hopefully feel that much safer sleeping in bed tonight.

But it is STILL highly important that you protect yourself by gaining as much knowledge about the condition as possible. The reason for this, is that coronavirus is travelling extremely fast and the number of cases has gone up hugely every single day.

This may well become a much higher risk in the common weeks and months. Therefore, being able to spot the symptoms yourself, knowing what to do about them, and knowing how to prevent transmission may well become absolutely critical.

This is not only crucial for your own health, but also for that of those around you, and the nation as a whole. The more you can do to protect yourself – the better informed you are – the higher the chances that the disease will stop before it reaches you.

So, educate yourself in a calm and sensible manner. Read this ebook and get knowledge on your side. Knowledge is the best vaccine of all.

Know Thyself:

For a long time (since the war of the Gods), the world became completely infected by the legion of parasites from the Pandora’s box, that at all levels of being share the sphere of influence fulfilling their function embedded by their creators. In order not to become their victim (host), you need to make a self-identification.
You are what you eat. The best food for people is nuts, peas, beans, cereals, sprouted grains, vegetable oil, greens.
All purchased food must be soaked for a couple of hours before cooking in the water a little tinted with potassium permanganate. Forget about meat, especially pork (if you ate), this meat is full of nanobacteria and nanoviruses. It is not safe to eat any flesh if you do not want to pass your consciousness under control of the parasites.
Detoxification of the body should become a routine ritual if you want to remove the optimal amount of viruses and bacteria from the body which full weight may be more than half the body weight. This will be much of help to get rid of bad habits, most of which are instilled through parasites. Drinking water should be disinfected (hydrogen peroxide to help).
Learn the properties of medicinal herbs and plants. There are many useful for cleansing and healing the body, having antibacterial and therapeutic properties.
Consumerism must be minimized. Learn to produce (grow) your vital resources and use those in Nature wisely without harming the environment. Strong alcohol (preferably pharma quality spirit in water) in small quantities 25-50g. twice per week can help in the removal of (nano)bacteria and viruses from the body.
In this world, it is impossible to completely get rid of them except to die... In the following dimensions (partially 4) 5+, etc., where the current Earth transition takes place, these creatures do not exist because it is a technology of 3-dimensional, low frequency resonating matherial worlds.
By your actions you determine in which of the worlds (dimensions) you will continue to live or exist. Remember, spirit consciousness is primary, matter secondary. For complete self-awareness, there are spiritual disciplines. Choose one, master it, move to next...

"Know Thyself to Become Better!" ~Apollo (The God of the Sun)

When the pandemic and crisis will come to end?

When at least one person gets up in the morning with the intention that there will be peace and tranquility on his land, then life around him will be transformed. The more we are, the stronger the effect. From the point of view of a conscious (Human) being, when we decide then will be the end of anything that most of us considering not constructive and having no reason to exist! This consideration should be based on Universal Law of the Creator. Not only this but everything destructive will end when a critical mass of conscious people are confident in a alternative, constructive, balanced and positive outcome. Then, when the energy of our attention will attract a bright future.
We are the Spiritual Light of the Creator, we Own this World and we decide how our world should look like. Awaken Your Creative Spirit Now! By Changing Yourself You Change the World!

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Hundreds of scientists from 40 different countries have reached out to the United Nations and the FCC, asking them to consider health risks and environmental issues before rapidly deploying 5G — because these researchers have studies that show adverse biological and health effects from EMF sources.
You may have heard of 5G, it stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless. In a February 2019 US Senate hearing, the wireless industry was forced to admit they have no safety studies on 5G, and don’t plan to do any.
Meanwhile, there are thousands of independent studies concluding that wireless radiation causes biological harm.
Despite this, the wireless industry is working with government to deploy 5G — it’s a global, for-profit, human experiment… without our consent.
What does it mean? 5G is a higher frequency, therefore it travels shorter distances than our current wireless signals, therefore exponentially more transmission devices must be installed to provide connectivity — millions more, in fact, on lamp posts, telephone poles and other “rights-of-way” for existing utilities. Each tower will emit radiation at levels known to cause cancer, sterility, DNA damage and other harm… especially to our children, who are most at risk.