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How To Reinvent Yourself This New Year

No matter Your Age And Whether or Not You Have Tried to Change Yourself Before

If there is one thing that is a constant in life, it is change.

Change is sometimes good, sometimes bad, and having control over change is always preferred over just letting life happen to you.

Truth be told, many of us think that change is impossible. That there is not much we can do about who we are and the lives we live.

Many of us REACT to life rather than ACTING according to a scripted game plan WE have written.

We feel powerless and wait for things to happen.

We feel powerless and believe that we are who we are, and nothing can be changed.

This often leads to self-doubt, a lack of fulfillment, few real rewards and a feeling of having “missed out” on life.

That is not the best way to live, or to realize your full potential in order to live your most rewarding life.

You probably know this. You likely want to create something new within yourself, but you don't know how. You might even think that reinventing yourself might be the wrong move.

It is understandable if you are fearful of beginning a new journey and leaving the comfort of familiarity and complacency behind.

That begs the question, "How do you know if reinventing yourself is the right thing for you"?

Take a look at these questions...

Are you suffering consequences as a result of the status quo?
Do you make unhealthy choices?

Are there character defects you want to fix?
Are you disengaged in your own life?
Are you a procrastinator?
Have your priorities changed?
Do you engage in bad habits?
Are you unhappy in your relationships?
Do you struggle to find real joy or purpose?
Are you always questioning your own actions, choices, habits, and abilities?
Are you longing for something new?
Do you ever look back on your life with regret?
Do you ever say, "is this what my life is supposed to look like?"
Do you find yourself seeking distractions to "take you away" from your regular life?
Do you accept failures as who you are, rather than opportunities for growth?
Do you envy and compare yourself to others, rather than to your unique abilities and desires?
Do you see a brilliant and exciting possibility, but figure you are too old to start over?
Do you let society dictate who you should be, how you should dress, what you should buy and how you should live your life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s time to consider a personal transformation

Sometimes we have wonderful lives, but we desire change anyway.
Understanding if you would benefit from a reinvention of who you are means getting to know your deep-down values.

The truth is that you can change. You can start over. People do it all the time.

It takes courage to change. Reinventing yourself can be gradual or instant, and it means having the courage to test-drive this new vehicle to see if it suits you.

If you have a life of comfort and safety, with little personal rewards and fulfillment, you may not want to rock the boat.

After all, good enough is good enough, right?

NEWS FLASH: No person was ever born just for "good enough"

How Do You Know if the Time is Right for Such a Big Change?

Are you too old to start again?

What will people think?

Are these feelings just a whim, or is my soul desperately trying to tell me something?

Would it be smarter to wait a while to reinvent yourself, so you can prepare for the change?

What steps will help you create a new and exciting, rewarding existence that helps you finally become the person you were meant to be?


Sometimes people don’t think of reinvention until some crisis occurs in their life, but this is not the only reason to make changes within yourself.

Proactive Reinvention - Purposefully Forging A New You

Proactive reinvention takes place when you are safe and comfortable at that moment. Major life changes aren’t immediately required.

We might even be able to keep on coasting just as we are, but that’s not a satisfying place for us anymore.

Even though reinvention can be scary, we still have the desire to do it. Reinvention seems better than where we are.

Maybe we’re simply tired and unfulfilled in our lives, our work, or our relationships.

Sometimes all three categories cry out for change.

If you have ever wondered if you are walking along the right life path, and whether you should consider reinventing yourself...



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